What I hate about being a girl:

  • Periods
  • Period cramps
  • Sore tits
  • Mood swings
  • Picking out outfits for the day
  • Styling hair after showering
  • Having a hard time running cause of your tits
  • Making sure you don’t get pregnant
  • Carrying the baby
  • Being called a bitch, whore, hoe for no apparent reason
  • Make sure you don’t get raped
  • Having pedophiles hit on you
  • Oh, and fancying the fuck out of someone that doesn’t know you exist on the earth.

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This Christmas SUCKS big time. I hate it. I hate this year.

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You know what sucks?

When you have no money with you and you wanna go out with your friends.

3 months.

3 months rule - From the Philippine movie, “One more chance.”

^They say before you get in another relationship you have to wait 3 months to fully be over your previous one. Well, it’s been 1 month and 7 days since we uhm how do I put this… Though we’re not committed (because he didn’t court me) it’s been 1 month and 7 days since he broke up with me.

And I’m not fully over him. But I don’t really care about him that much anymore. Maybe after 3 months I will be over him :)

Convo w/ my past.

  • Jason: Oh diba? May bago ka na kse.. Di ka na nag reply eh. Tss
  • Ako: May crush ako hahaha.
  • Jason: Sino?
  • Ako: Basta kilala mo. Haha
  • J: Tss. Miguel? Sbhn mo na.. Ayaw mo na naman eh.. Diba?
  • A: lol. Hindi si Miguel.
  • J: ? Sbhn na. Go. I accept naman e..
  • A: Bakit ba muna?
  • J: Ayy. Bawal malaman? Wow.
  • A: Bakit nga muna :)))
  • J: Gusto ko nga lang malaman. Anong gagawin ko sakanya? Aawayin ko? Tss. Hndi na naman kita HAWAK e. Sus. Tas ayaw pa sabihin? Wow. Ang bilis mo nga e. Pero okay lang men, jan ka masaya e
  • A: WOW ha. Crush lang. Oo nga hindi mo ko hawak, kasi BUMITAW ka. And okay lang. Medyo tanggap ko na. Its okay. Magsaya na lang kayo ni Andi Wag mo sasaktan. K? Tas ako pa mabilis ah. hahaha. Ge lang
  • J: Oh see? Alam mo namang paiba iba ung wallpaper ko e. Simula sa una pa lang wala ka ng tiwala. Diba? Tss. Katext ko lang po ung tao. Hindi ako bumitaw men.. Sadyang WALA nga akong oras diba? Parang ako kse ung tumatayong tatay dito sa bahay e. Sana maintindihan mo.. Si Kr? Lahat ng assignments nya, tinuturuan ko sya. Wew. Nauubusan ako ng oras Aly. Tss. Tas Andi? Tsss. Sino ba ung crush mo? Sbhn mo nga para maintindihan ko..
  • 4: 37pm
  • A: Tsssss. You don't need to know Basta siya. Nung kaylangan ko ng kausap, anjan. Nung INIWAN MO KO, sinamahan niya ko. Yun lang Jason, gusto ko lang naman kasi hindi tayo bitter sa isat-isa. Yung friends tayo. Pero kung ayaw mo, sige. i understand.
  • J: Ahh. Karis. Edi ako na nangiwan. Ge. Kasalanan ko lahat. Ge
  • A: Hindi kita sinisisi kasi MAY mali din ako. Ge
  • J: Karis diba? Sagutin mko.
  • 4: 41pm
  • A: Pano mo nasabing si Karis?
  • J: Kse hnd mo sinagot agad? Tska, ano ako bulag?
  • Nung kaylangan ko ng kausap, anjan. Nung INIWAN MO KO, sinamahan niya ko. ????
  • A: Hindi nga kami naguusap ni Karis e?
  • J: KARIS
  • J: tssssssss
  • 4: 42pm
  • A: Oo si Karis.
  • J: ?
  • J: Ge.
  • J: Deny pa?
  • A: Si Karis nga. Ikaw kasi eh, sabi mo di ka bulag e di nga kami naguusap..
  • A: OO na nga si Karis ngaa
  • J: Bkit di mo sabihin kung sino?
  • J: Daming pasikot sikot e.
  • J: ??
  • 4: 43pm
  • J: Ge
  • Like why do you even give a fck about my lovelife? You don't own me. You took me for granted back then. You treated me like an accessory. You didn't make me feel like I'm worth something. Well, actually you did. But only in the beginning. You let go of ME, I didn't let go of you. I sacrificed a lot and you didn't seem like you even care. So, GG dre.

I hate it when my parents are fighting.

Who likes it anyway. I’m just not used to it, even though they fight almost every week. It’s just that were always so happy and when they fight, I feel like they’re gonna break up :’(

That’s why whenever they fight, I just can’t help it to “BUTT-IN.” I know it’s none of my business. But, they don’t know that when they fight, me and my sisters are also affected…

Rest in peace, Jan Tandiama.

So. Earlier I was viewing his brother’s facebook account and I saw a lot of condolence message on his wall. I was shocked, and hurt when I saw one of the posts that said, “Ej, my sincerest condolences to you and to the whole family. I saw a while ago how deeply affected you were when Bebeng was struggling for his life. And i am amazed by the love that you have for our brother. Mahal ka ni ate roms! Be strong!”

I was hurt.. Though we weren’t really friends, Jan still became a huge part of my life. I had a crush on him. I used to travel from Sta.Rosa to Marikina just to see him. Though we never talked in person, we still texted. And I know, I got irrated and got mad at him the last time we spoke. But still. He was a part of my life, and I’m very much affected of what happened.

I don’t even know if he still remembers me… All that I know is he’s the Jan Tandiama I had a huge crush on last last summer. And even if I didn’t become a part of his life, he still became a huge part of mine.

You will be missed by everyone, Gab. I know it. I’m sorry, and I will miss you even if I wasn’t really a part of your life.

To be honest, Im not good at relationships.


Either I cant handle it, I get cheated on, i’m not good enough, the other person stops trying, or it just doesnt work.

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Napakaraming lalaki diyan na pwede niyang samahan. Napakaraming lalaki diyan na nakakapagpangiti sa kanya. Napakaraming lalaki diyan na lamang sayo. Pero ikaw ang pinili niya.


tapos ipagwawalang bahala mo lang siya? tanga! baka mawala yan sayo, ikaw din.

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